Adding Flair And Personality To Your Fence Is Easier Than You Think


You Don’t Have To Choose Between Strength And Style In A Fence

No matter your reason for installing a fence—defining boundaries, confining animals, adding privacy, or improving the appearance of your property—making the right decisions when choosing fencing materials and design is critical.

Meadow Ridge Supply understands that visitors arriving at your property will probably notice your fence first and that a fence says a lot about you. Our traditional wood fencing materials are the popular choice for agricultural fencing, especially on horse farms where its attractiveness and strength are highly prized for creating corrals, show rings, and pastures.

As a renewable resource, wood post-and-board fencing has another important benefit: today’s sustainable lumber harvest and production practices protect and conserve vital ecosystems and natural habitats. So, wood fencing isn’t only beautiful, it’s a choice you can feel good about.

Once you’ve settled on wood for your fencing material, design comes next. Here’s where form and function intersect to create the perfect fence for your individual needs. Get imaginative! And with some planning and elbow grease, most of these can be DIY projects.

Classic Post-And-Board Fencing

Give your property a classy, rural look that blends in nicely with surroundings by installing a traditional post-and-board fence. Typically constructed of three or four evenly spaced wood planks screwed or nailed between wood posts, wood fencing is attractive and provides highly visible boundaries that keep corralled animals safe and secure. And the addition of wire mesh or electric fencing can provide even more security.

Add Personality With Paint

Many choose to leave their post-and-board fences unpainted, allowing them to weather to a beautiful golden brown over time. For others who want to coordinate their enclosures with their surroundings, there are nearly unlimited shades of stain and paint to choose from.

Still others see a fence as a canvas where they can use color and pattern to express their individuality.

Consider The Details

Use rustic elements such as live-edge planks, custom-made hardware, subtle pops of color, non-traditional design, and even “found” objects and architectural elements that you can give new purpose to will further highlight and embellish the uncomplicated nature of your wood fence. 

Finally, Leave Yourself A Way Out!

Remember to create gates and stiles to help your animals—and the people who work with them—get from here to there. These elements can offer style with sturdy functionality that will keep everyone safely moving from place to place throughout your day.

As you can see, whether your fencing needs are great...

...or small...

durable, strong, and beautiful wood fencing will create the right fence for your corrals and other agricultural enclosures.

Whatever the size and scope of your fencing project, let Meadow Ridge Supply help you make the right statement on your property with handsome, durable Michigan pine fencing materials.

Contact us today! Our expert wood fencing representatives can answer your questions and help you choose the right products to meet your needs.

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