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Our Mission

Meadow Ridge Supply’s Mission is to EMPOWER independent farmers by: PROMOTING Michigan-sourced resources that make a difference, PROVIDING unbeatable prices and quality service, HELPING property owners advance with new technology, and ENCOURAGING sustainability.

Our Story

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Since our nation’s earliest days, farming has been the backbone of the American economy and spirit. Though much has changed through the years, farming continues to have a distinct influence on food, family, lifestyle, and so much more. Meadow Ridge Supply is proud to continue this tradition with our unique approach to promoting the best of farm life. Based in Michigan, we are committed to promoting a rural lifestyle of quality, sustainability, and heritage.

Equestrianism is at the forefront of our work at Meadow Ridge Supply. From our work promoting and growing the Friesian horse population to providing a one-of-a-kind property for boarding, leasing, and lessons at our affiliated farm our mission is to promote the benefits of responsible and purposeful horse ownership. Meadow Ridge is the perfect place to escape and enjoy a relaxing ride!

Fencing solutions are another specialty at Meadow Ridge Supply. Although we didn’t set out to become a fencing expert, after seeking wood products to build new fencing on the farm and being unable to find a retailer that sells a complete, quality solution, we decided to offer a robust, long-lasting alternative for our customers. Unlike big box hardware and farm supply stores that often skimp on value and detail, we are proud to be the only wholesale wood fencing provider that specializes in unbeatable quality and pricing for lumber sourced from northern Michigan. We stand by our materials and everything we sell is used on the farm. Your investment is guaranteed to be free of defects and will be a valuable asset to your property for years to come.

Whether you’re from a heritage farming family that spans generations or are looking to begin a new legacy, we look forward to connecting you to the future of farming through technology, value, and a team approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

Meadow Ridge Supply and it's affiliated farm is a proud member of:

Timber Harvesting Process

When you think of Michigan you probably think of the auto industry, but did you know the state led the nation in lumber production for much of the late 19th century? In fact, the industry started just a few miles from our location and many mills were built along the Saginaw River, which empties into the Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. This location played a key role for loggers because the lumber needed to be floated to the mills and then to market.

By 1889-1890 Michigan’s lumber production peaked when a total of 5.5 billion board feet of lumber (mostly pine) was cut. Much of the wood was shipped to the Northeast and Chicago where it was used to build cities, homes, and railroad tracks. Many thought the abundance of forests in the state would allow the industry to flourish for many years. But with few regulations and an influx of proprietors moving in to take advantage of the inexpensive land, most of the forests were cut by the 1900s.

Although we’re nowhere near the heyday of the lumber boom, decades of restoration and sustainability efforts have helped revive Michigan’s natural resources for logging. Today, more than half of Michigan is still forested with over 20 million acres of land that supplies many industries with some of the finest hard woods in North America. The wood used for our fencing materials is sourced from first-rate timber in northern Michigan and processed by the regional community who take great care in supplying quality long-lasting goods. Our fencing materials are in stock, freshly cut and treated, and, depending on order size, ready to be shipped nationwide within as little as a few days.


  • Produced in an expansive production area and with acres of air-drying space
  • State of the art sawmills produce treated agricultural and industrial wood products
  • Manufacturing facilities produce millions of board feet of hardwood lumber