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Our High Quality Hay

  Meadow Ridge Supply offers quality hay grown locally in Mid-Michigan.  We have recently purchased additional acreage to produce even more hay.  We offer alfalfa, timothy, orchard grass, and mixes of each of these as well. We have the option of round bales, compressed bales, or regular square bales.  These can also be shipped on pallets for easier loading and offloading.
 Varieties available
- Compressed Square Bale 50-55lbs each
- Square Bales 30-40lbs each
- Round Bales 4x4 foot each

We sell our compressed bales:

Per bale (4 bale minimum)
Per Pallet (24 bales to a pallet)
Per Semi load (40 pallets) 
We sell our square bales:

Per bale (4 bale minimum)
Per Semi load (~600 bales) 
We sell our round bales:

Per bale
Per flatbed (20 bales)
Per Semi (40 bales)

 Alfalfa Hay
1st and 2nd cutting

Orchard Grass/Alfalfa Hay Mix
1st and 2nd cutting

Timothy Grass Hay
1st cutting

The compressed bales are palletized, and net wrapped for easier loading, unloading and storage.
The customer is responsible for offloading.

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