Not All Fencing Companies Are Created Equal

The Right Contractor Delivers As Promised

Choosing the right fencing company can make the difference between a successful project and a disaster. Who hasn’t heard stories about unscrupulous contractors that abandon a job before the work is complete, do shoddy work, or skip town with down payment in hand, never to be see again?

So if finding the right contractor can be a challenge—and hiring the wrong contractor can be an even bigger headache—why hire out your next fencing project in the first place?


Advantages To Hiring A Fencing Contractor

It’s possible to DIY many horse fence projects, especially those with smaller scope and a basic design.

But professional fencing companies can provide expertise and specialized equipment you may not have access to, as well as offering new perspectives and design solutions to meet your current and future needs. Hiring this work out also frees up time for you to devote to other areas of your work and life, and often gets the installation done faster.


Plan Your Fence

Dedicating the time to establish the scope of your project can save you from a potential disaster. This holds true whether you’re planning a DIY installation or hiring someone to do the job.

Before you talk to contractors, make sure you have a detailed plan of what you’re looking for in your new fence, keeping possible future needs in mind. Now is the time to decide the materials for your fence. Click here for 3 Key Reasons Why Wood is the Natural Choice for Your New Horse Fence.

You will need a company that can install the fence according to your specification (or even better: provide useful feedback about the function and design of your fence), procure materials and supplies, dig post holes, set posts, attach rails, hang gates, and maybe install electric fence wiring.

Do Your Research

Start by asking trusted friends and family for fencing companies they can recommend—especially if they themselves have used their services for a similar project. Many lumberyards and fencing supply companies have lists of contractors they recommend, so plan to stop in and ask around.

Next, do a Google search of best fencing companies in your state for a list of installation companies, customer ratings, websites, and contact information. Make sure to visit the company’s website to learn more about them and look through photos of their work. Does the website look professional and current? That can be an indicator of how the overall business is run.

Many fence installation companies have regional crews or are accustomed to sending crews quite a distance from their home office, so don’t shy away from contacting candidates just because you think you may be outside their service area.

Make sure to check the company’s rating at the Better Business Bureau. Here, you’ll find BBB ratings (on an “A+” to “F” scale), as well as read about any customer complaints lodged with the BBB against the company.

Get References

Once you have a list of prospective contractors, ask each for a list of previous fencing clients for you to review. Checking references is a great way to gain additional insights, verify skills and quality of work and ensure that you’re hiring a company that’s honest about its work experience and qualifications, so don’t skip this step! Request at least three references with projects that are similar to yours, then give them a quick call. Ask these other customers what it was like to work with the contractor? Was their project completed on time and on budget? How quickly were issues resolved? And would you hire this company again? While every job has its snags, the real question is whether a contractor is willing to work until you’re fully satisfied with the final results.


Protect Yourself From Loss

Make sure the company is licensed (so you know they’re competent to do the work), bonded (in the event of property loss or damage) and insured (in order to protect you if someone gets hurt on the job).

It’s important that your contractor be all three: licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask them for proof. If they cannot provide proof, find a company that can. Reputable companies are accustomed to being asked to present documents proving they are licensed, bonded, and insured.


Solicit Bids, Make Your Choice, And Get It In Writing

Narrow your list to your top three to five candidates. Provide each with a packet of specifications for your project, including layout, materials, and timing, along with any extra services that may be necessary like earthwork and surveying. Also ask each contractor to itemize the charges when submitting their bid, including segregating material from labor costs and any subcontractors they may hire.

Compare the submitted bids. Remember, the cheapest bid isn’t always the wisest, so keep in mind each company’s strengths when making your choice.

The contractor will prepare a written contract setting out terms of their work on the project—required down payment; payment schedule; estimated work start date and duration; what materials are to be used; and who is providing those materials. Thoroughly read this contract to make sure all issues are addressed before you sign. Ask your contractor’s representative to explain anything that’s not clear to you. Don’t leave anything to chance.


As you can see, there are advantages to hiring a professional to install your next horse fence. And, with a bit of effort, you can hire a fencing company that will do the job right.

Whether you choose to make your new fence a DIY project, or hire a fencing contractor to do the work, let Meadow Ridge Supply help you make the right statement on your property with handsome, durable Michigan pine fencing materials.

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